How to Energize your Home

If you have problems to sleep at your home. If you feel that is not a harmonious environment, that you are involve in arguments one day and another. You might have a low energy at home.

Raising the energy of our home is essential to improve all your life in general terms.

We do a lot to get our house physically clean, but we do little at the energy level. And everything we think, feel and live in our homes is reflected in its walls and furniture.

That is why purification is required just as we do with our bodies.

It is very simple to do and you will feel the difference since the first day. 

To perform this cleaning we ask the force and help of God and Angels.

Glass of water with 1 spoon of salt per each room
One white candle
Saldalwood insence

Set a place for the altar at your home, it has to be in a place permanent. An Altar represents the invitation that you are making to God for bless your house, and all the beings that live in it. 

With this in mind set the place with a beautiful tablecloth and light the Candle in the name of God, put a glass with water and one spoon of salt, the flowers, and de incense. 

Put also one glass of water with salt at each room of your house and make this pray:

In the Name of God I ask the power and love of the Angels of the four elements : fire, water, air and earth to be at my home and clean my house.  I ask that all the energies below the Golden Energy of God Father Mother Creator of that there is are taken away and be recicle to new light.

Also you can put music; Mozart is great because it inspire by the Archangel Michael. Also you can try with mantras or spiritual chants.

Do this daily per one month and then repeat it once per week.

Enjoy the positive changes to your life!

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