Who is Hada Marciot?

Hada has trained hundreds of Holistic Therapists nationally and internationally and has touched thousands of hearts around the world with her materials.

Hada Marciot is an energy healer, channeler, and spiritual trainer. Graduated as a chemical engineer; She has more than 30 years of experience in meditation and metaphysics. She was trained at Usui Shiki Ryoho Master Reiki in 2002; NLP Therapist, Logotherapyst , Magnified Healing Phase 1 to 4, Facilitator of Melchizedek Method, Theta Healing level 1 to 4, Akashic Record Teacher. She had channeled Atlantis Crystals Codes and The Sacred Flame Technique (2009) and Orionis Melkhizedekh Technique (2011). Author of Universo Holistico Guided Meditations Collection and books. She and her husband founded Universo Holistico in 2005, a School of Meditation and Training of Therapists, in Mexico City. Hada can be reached at her FB @hadamarciotmeditation and www.hadamarciot.com

Hada has a wonderful smile that spreads the joy of living and can explain the most technical things in simple words. She is distinguished by her determination to serve humanity, her love, and her simplicity. 

Driven by her desire to serve others, she has created a series of tools such as:
* The Guided Meditation Series 
* Orionis-Melkhizedekh® Healing Techniques 
* Healing with Archangels 
* Abundance and Prosperity Healing Workshop (TSAP)® 
* Wrote books as "Akashic Records - My experience" 

Each one of her meditations is an energy therapy transmitting their vibration through Hada's particular voice register. This greatly helps people to contact the same Angels and Masters of Light who have dictated these Healing and Meditation Techniques. 

Hada, inspired by the love for other beings, is always in evolution and she has audios, books, online masterclasses, courses and workshops. She is working at the social media each week so the message that WE ARE BEINGS OF LIGHT reaches as many hearts as possible. 

Follow Hada FACEBOOK @hadamarciotmeditation and YouTube @hadamarciot 

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