Asking at a Reiki session

I love Reiki because it’s a simple and very helpful technique for healing. I was lucky enough to be introduced to it by a wise, clever, and loving teacher. She advised me to “remember to honor the information you receive and to ask for more if you need it”. She was referring to the colors, sensations, and intuitive information we receive during Reiki therapy. 

I have shared this advice with my students but some of them find it hard to remember.  I reflected and looked deeply into myself to understand why this would be.

I realized that we can be programmed, through education, to obey and not to ask questions, even more so when it comes to spiritual matters. “It looks bad” to ask questions because it can be taken to mean that we do not believe what we are receiving or we do not have enough faith. This can be easily changed with the use of the Reiki Symbols giving the order to “transmute all kinds of programs that are blocking our right to ask and receive useful information during the healing session”. 

I like science, as much as I love spirituality, I believe they are “different sides of the same coin”, so I love to question and understand more about us as human beings and our energy field. I studied chemical engineering and because of this, the energy reference is a basic standard in my understanding of life.  

Honoring the information I receive and asking for more if I need it made sense and felt natural to me. Questioning my patients’ energy field was exciting. This has helped me to bring more clarity to my patients on why they were experiencing an illness or being unbalanced in their minds or bodies. 

One day, I offered a reiki treatment to a dear friend who had high blood pressure. Even though she was my friend, we have never spoken about her brother. However, during the reiki session, this was brought out by the energy.  I can still remember the image very clearly. I directed the reiki treatment to her heart and asked the symbols to seek and heal the primary reason for her high blood pressure. I saw her heart and also I saw strange energy coming out trying to hide from me, it was like a black little monkey entity, very angry. I remained calm and sent love to it.

At the same time, I asked her energy field: “Why is this entity there?”

It answered: “it has to do with something she lived five years ago”. 

So I asked her: “What happened to you five years ago?”

She said: “The accident, my brother and I suffered a car accident, I had injuries but he did not survive”

So I asked the energy field: “Is this entity related to the accident and the dead of her brother?”

The energy field replied: “Yes, it is anger and guilty energy that has been growing inside her and creates the high blood pressure”

And then I said to her: “You have been feeding your heart with anger and guilt energy because of this accident, this is causing the high blood pressure, please allow yourself to release this and all the thoughts you had when the accident happened and afterward regarding the fact that you survive and your brother didn’t”

(at the same time I sent SHK and CKR symbols to transform the anger and guilt energy into forgiveness and love).

Because of this extra information I gave to her she was able to forgive herself and release this entity out of her system, after that session her blood pressure was normal. 

In my healing practice, I make my patients part of their healing process as much as I can. It is easier to remove low energies when the person is aware of the program (way of thinking) that they have to change.

So please do not be too shy to ask, do not feel like you are not receiving correct information, do not underestimate the information you are getting at the Reiki session.  Always ask and remind in calm to receive the answer. You will be amazed at what you will learn and how easily the session will flow. 

Thank you for allowing me to pass on the wisdom that was shared with me and for the opportunity to serve you. 

Hada Marciot
Reiki Master

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