Akashic Records Reading

The Akashic Record Reading is a wonderful experience. Is taken in a  sacred space opened specially for each consultant. This loving energy enveloped the consultant with the energy of his or her Masters, Angels and Beings of Light. The connection between them increases at that time of the session and the Reader serves as a translator for the information and energy of love that is being transmitted to the consultant.

We made the  Akashic Records Reading with our Orionis-Melkhizedekh Technique, where you receive the amplification of your divine connection through the Atlantean Crystals Chambers, which helps you process the information you are receiving.

During this meeting with your Akashic Records, where the Reader is the translator, you can ask everything you area ready to know about any topic of your life. You can ask open questions such as "What is my life mission?" or a very specific questions such as "Is it for my highest divine good that I move to Florida in 2021? ”. Your Akashic Records (the combine energy of your Angels, Ascended Masters and Light Beings) will guide you on the best path to navigate the situation.

They are sessions full of love, wisdom and deep growth. The Akashic Records will go as deep as you allow them to show you what needs to be healed, always respecting your capacity for liberation. In other words, they will never give more information than you can digest at the moment.

As you see, an Akashic Records Reading involves personal work, it differs from a tarot reading. At an Akashic Records Reading you will get deep information for you and give you many alternatives according to what you really want to know. These readings are not a prediction of the future, they are a query of probabilities and solutions to the situations that are observed in the present.

In my path as a therapist and as Akashic Records Reader I have seen lives transformations through becoming aware and seeing present situations from a new point of view with more love and responsibility.

I invite you to do a session with me, I am sure it will be very useful in all aspects of your life.

The sessions at the moment are exclusively by videoconference, we use whatsapp, skype or facetime.

The sessions have a duration of 30 min. Investment 45 USD (33.89 GBP). You can pay by paypal.