Group Healing Session for Abundance

1 diciembre, 2020

20:00 - 21:00

Online - London UK Time

79.99 USD

Money is energy, represents the energy of Mother Earth and therefore has to do with the desire to live and to try to live in this dimension.
It also has to do with the love that we have for ourself and therefore has to do with our ability to forgive ourselves and continue trying to live on Earth.

Also has to do with personal relationships, as there are people who, in order to punish others (by not paying their debts or not share their money), prefer to be unemployed. So the situation of Abundance and Prosperity is not only “being positive and imagining everything in your mind, dying of desires to have it and manifest it”, this process is much more about the love of ourself, our love to the Earth, the people we live with and whom we serve through our work.

Due to the current situation, the abrupt changes that we are experiencing, the forced changes in our lifestyles and habits, there are many people who are experiencing the challenge of changing their way of earning income.

That they are facing the decision to close businesses, to change jobs, to move places, etc. In order to face these changes, we must be well anchored to Mother Earth, feel her shelter, and have a strong reception of God’s direction in our lives. That is why this service has been opened to serve people who due to the current situation have lost their job, their business, or are facing abrupt changes in their lives and who need to feel more supported when going through these adjustments.

This is a 4 week program, where only 20 people will be accepted per group. It requires the person to do their homework daily.

We offer a guide but the results of this month of work depend on you, your commitment and dedication in the process. If you are honest with yourself and you have a real desire to evolve, you will get great results. It is clear that change is not an option at this time, change is necessary, it must be embraced.

  1. Steps for your registration: Send a request to whatsapp + 52 1 5519924337 with your full name, the Masters of Light will be asked if it is for the highest divine good and that of all those involved who participate.
  2. If they approve you will be asked to pay your registration, which is 19 GBP (25 USD) via transfer to the account indicated or paypal ( You send us the payment to the same whatsapp number so that we can put you in the group where the connection links will be given, which will be by SKYPE. It is a free application, here is a tutorial on how to make your skype account
  3. Allocate THE 4 DATES marked on the calendar of the group you chose to enroll in. The sessions last one hour, it is important that you notify everybody to avoid being interrupted in the session. The sessions WON’T BE RECORDED, so it is important that you commit to attend at 4 session.
  4. Prepare a NEW notebook that will serve as a log to go doing the exercises that we will send you, since they are reflection and writing exercises. In addition to decrees to allow deeper healing.

**THIS IS NOT A COURSE; These are healing sessions, we are going to provide you with guidance and healing through meditations, participating in it does not enable you to give healings.

Group Healing Session for Relantionships

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