Group Healing Session for Relantionships

9 septiembre, 2021

21:00 - 22:00

Online by Skype (Free application). Melbourne Australia Time Zone

19.99 USD

Next Session September 9th from 21:00hrs to 22:00hrs Melbourn Australia Time

In this wonderful service you will get the healing from your Higher Self and many others Light Being tunned with the Universal Flow of Love and Life.

This special session will be meant to heal our relationships with our family. Many of us may believed that because we are family we have to experience a great love and loyalty from each member of our family. Truth is that families are formed by karma, which means that we choose this parents , and the overall relatives, because we have to deliver to them the love we mist to give in past lives.

But deliver the love is not always as easy going as should be , first we have to forgive us and forgive them for what we have lived together at this past lives.

This healing will help you to do this, getting closure of this event, being wiser and open to the present moment to enjoy your present life.

¿How we do this ?

We coordinate the videoconference call with the group

Hada will read the energy of the group and make the required exercise to get each participant free of any contamination. Then she will open de Akashic Records of the Group.

Each participant will be surrounded by the Atlantis Crystals Chamber in presence of their own Higher Self , Angels and Master Guides.

Hada will receive from the Akashic Records the guidance of what in special need the group and will be channeling the energy and describing for the participants the permissions that have to be granted to release the old energies and get the new ones.

At the end each participant will be with in the Atlantis Crystals Chamber for two weeks to keep making the energy changes needed and will be requested to do meditation or some decrees daily to reinforce the healing results. It might take 20 minutes per day.

¿ How I can register ?
  1. Please contacto us at + 52 1 55 19924337 to check if we have space
  2. Make the payment of 19.99 USD at our Paypal account

    Advise us to be integrated to the group of whatsapp and get the links for the videoconference call.

*Limited availability to 50 participants.