Orionis Melkhizedekh Certification

Orionis-Melkhizedekh® Technique

Being a therapist is a philosophy of life, it requires self-knowledge and constant growth.

It is a great honor that you allow us to be your companions in this beautiful process of evolution as well as it will be for you to be the companion of the people who choose you for it, being their therapist. 

It is a path where a lot of love is given and a lot of gifts are received.

We are very honored that you have heard the call of your heart that has brought you to read these pages and to know more about what we can offer you in our Akashic Records Therapist & Reader Training called Orionis-Melkhizedekh® Technique.
From the channeler:

"I am Hada Marciot, I have studied and practiced my spirituality since 1991. On this path I have been trained in different teachings, in 2002 I finished my Reiki Master and began to give open sessions to the public. By 2003 I was giving small classes in Metaphysics and meditation. In 2005 I began channeling Angels and Beings of Light. By 2009 I was channeling material for the portals of the Atlantean Crystals and with them the Masters of Light and in particular Thoth, Melkhizedekh & Saint Germain gave me the teaching that now forms Orionis-Melkhizdekh®.

The name comes from the Order of Melkhizedekh to which I humbly belong and Orionis refers to the Father Universe that surrounds this child universe where we are aware that we inhabit as humans.

This teaching aims not only that you learn to read Akashic Records and that you can assist other people with the healings, which are powerful and very loving. They also want you to build your own path of ascension and Self-Mastery with them.

That is to say that you achieve full communication with your Higher Beings up to the Throne of the Father, that you receive your following teachings from them and that you can thereby assist more and more people in different ways.

I, unknowingly, started asking for this information since 1998 where I was meditating through the Merkabah and asking for a form of healing that included this powerful tool. Thus years later came the answer to my request and with it this wonderful work."
Bases of the technique.

The technique is based on the activation of the Merkabah, which is a "vehicle of light" that assists you to connect more and more "up" in vibration, attracting more and more influx of love to your surroundings and your physical being. But the activation of this is totally new, I do not know another similar technique, since the one that they have given me is based on mantras and not on sacred geometry like other older ones.

Opening Akashic Records once you have gone through the merkabah activation process is much easier and more loving. Much clearer and safer.

In my experience, opening up to read the Akashic Records is a whole process, it cannot be done in a course. Preparation is required.