Regression to past lives

Do you know how your past is affecting your present live ?

When a person has phobias, obsessions or diseases since born or early childhood is regularly related to information from events lived in past lives.

The memory at the soul is registered at that time , as the event has not been processed through love and wisdom (its learning has not been assimilated) the person lives this current life with the celular memory unsolved issue.

It is extremely liberating to recognize its origin and heal it. We have a great tool achieve this: the Orionis Melkhizedekh @ Healing technique Phase 4.

It provides you with all the required information to set yourself free of the cell memory and also help you in the asimilation process of the experience at that time.

Is completely safe. This technique gives you a harmonious and different approach from the psychological regressions. Here Hada is guided by your Akashic Records (the combined energies of your own Angels and Master Guides) and you appear at the precise moment you have to heal with the Angels help. So you live the session with the issue healed completely or at least more than 50% of it. This do not happen with the regular regressions made by the psychological techniques, where you have to process the events and feel again the pain and sorrow before is healed the wound.

All this is supported by the infusion of energy from the Orionis Melkhizedekh® Healing Chamber. Another important advantage with this innovative process is that the Akashic Records themselves indicate in which lives the information must be healed, and how the programs (memory cells) that has to be changed. Also they give the number of past lives involved in the issue so all of them can be taken care in one or more sessions.

If the person is not ready to see the past life then is reveled to Hada by the person’s akashic records, and also she is guided to make specific exercise to liberate the cell memory and heal the past life of the consultant.

This therapy is highly recommended for people who suffers of :

  • Phobias
  • Anxiety
  • Deseas since born
  • For those who repeat patterns in life

The session can be taken in person or by videoconference. It takes one hour and a half. 75 GBP (99.7USD) you can pay by paypal.

To make an appointment please whatsapp to +52 1 55 19924337

Thank you for allowing us to serve you