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Whats is Akashic Record Session?

(Orionis Melkhizedekh Method for Reading Akashic Records and Healing)

Personal Akashic Record

The Personal Akashic Records are individual records of a soul. At the time we make the decision to experience life (embody) as an independent soul, there is a field of energy (consciousness) attached to every thought, word, emotion, and action we generate. That field of energy is the Akashic Records. Akashic, comes from the word «Akasha» (the energetic substance from which all life is formed) and Records, because its objective is to record all life experience.

How works a session?

We name «opening the Akashic Records of someone» to the act of being in touch of his energy field and be able to translate the light language to spoken words for the the consultant. This opening of the akashic records is made by Hada with a special activation and the use of healings chambers. This healing chamber, made by etheric crystals, surround the consultant and creates the special atmosphere to support the session.

At this point you will start to feel the loving energy of your spiritual energy field, related to your angels and master guides. They will answer all the questions you want to know and Hada will translate this information to you.

The healing starts with the opening of your akashic records, but after 30 minutes Hada will start the healing process to accelerate the liberation of the low energies from the past or the constructions of the present that are blocking you. This is made also with the guidance of your akashic records and the crystal chamber. This process goes on for another 30 minutes.

At the end Hada will translate for you the homework that your Akashic Records advised, so you can keep your energy in a high level to manifest the unblocking you need.

What kind of questions can I made to the Akashic Records?

  • You can now about why you have born with the family you have
  • Why you have a difficult relationship with someone
  • Why you haven’t success in a special project
  • Why you have this incredible relationship with someone
  • You can get guideline about a project you want to start
  • Learn more about your soul, where you come from
  • Learn more about you body, why you can’t sleep or why you have allergies

*All the questions have to be about you, you can’t ask for someone else unless they are your children from cero to 12 years old.
** You can ask as many questions as you can in the first 30 minutes. Because is also important to have the proper healing of the issues that are blocking you.

How I book a session?

The session are online by Skype or Whatsapp.
1 hour session for 90 USD. If you need a discount please send a Whatsapp with your complete name and birthdate so Hada can ask to the Akashic Records how to procede.
You have to send a whatsapp to +52 55620601130 in order to schedule

If you are a healer or you have experience with meditation, you might need only the Akashic Record Reading.

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